Thursday, November 17, 2011

Death of a legend

The motorcycle world took a hit on Saturday morning. Scotty Blessington, a close friend of mine and many others passed away from cancer... Scott was a fixture at every AMCA meet on the east coast, and lots of barrooms from Boston to the seacoast. Scotts knowledge of antique harleys was infinite, a lifetime of obsession is the only way someone could know half of what he did. If you were lucky enough to be his friend he would do anything he could for you. I became pretty close with Scott over the last 4 years and I was able to weasel some parts out of him as well, which was not an easy thing to do!! the flathead I'm building now has a VL fork I purchased from him as well as some other bits. I loved Scotty dawg and he will be missed.

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