Wednesday, November 23, 2011

48 UL stroker

Making some progress on the Flathead stroker, Oil tank is in and all the mounts are done, transmission is modified and fits perfect, rear brake plate is all finished. Once i get the narrowed UL tanks back from MULLINS ill be able to finish the tank mounts. The tanks on the bike are WR, which are going to be the same width as the narrowed originals. Every parts on this bie will be HARLEY, no reprodcuction stuff. Unless i butchered something, because i dont like ruining 60 year old things! I should have my foot controls all fabbed up as soon as the machine shop finishes up making me the pieces. This thing is going to sit for a while because I NEED to get PAULS bike done!!! Your fender came in today so its time to get rolling!!!

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  1. Music to my ears. The flathead is looking sharp! Happy Thanksgiving my friend...


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