Wednesday, September 28, 2011

1939 E for sale

Gorgeous 1939 E motor for sale, matching belly numbers, no repairs, fully rebuilt.


  1. Righteous,

    Watcha gotta get for the '39E?

    Brad form the ZON.

  2. I was trying to sell for a friend, didn't sell. Deal is done with. I'm a U man like you my friend! I'm building a 88" 48 ul in a vl frame now. Got American cycle fab twin cam oiling setup in lower end, relieved cylinders, coated pistons, single fire mag. Just gotta true the flywheels and put it together, should pull like a mule. Your site is my favorite by far, are you an AMCA member?

  3. Yes I believe I'm an AMCA member - I keep flashing my AMCA membership card at all those swap meets but it never seems to do anything though. Ah yes the big twin flatties are the whip. My '39 UL/ULH needs some love - the rear cylinder started to smoke with gusto at the Brooklyn Invitational. I'm thinking a top end job is in my future...
    Thanks for the kind words. Love the bike on your title block - yours?


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