Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Twin Cam

This is my brothers 117" monster he just bought for his FXDX. Its got raised port flowed heads with dual compression releases, axtell cylinders and pistons, fueling oil pump, woods 650 gear drive cams plus nitrous, im really interested to see how much rubber this thing will put down


  1. Holy Fuck! That is gonna be one bad bitch. Let us know the power it puts down if you dyno it.

  2. hes got the old mill out, he will have the new beast in tomorrow. If it doesnt make over 130 horsepower hes going to pull the heads and they will get groomed by TMAN. Hes running an S&S G which in my opinion is an awesome carb. people seem to get better numbers on the dyno with mikunis, but i still like S&S


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