Thursday, January 6, 2011


Gak is a friend of mine, he owns HAWHGOLIC in Tokyo Japan. He sent me some photos of some ikes hes done as of late. they are both killer and making me even more obsessed wihtg dual carbs. i actually HAD the exact speedy shifer with mouse trap that this knuckle does. just awesome bikes, very inspiring. Chrome tin, pre war knucklehead with a fucking Vard fork? are you serious?


  1. Hey Joe! Not a Speedy SHifter, B&H rather!

  2. I know its a B&H smart ass! i was 99% sure it was a B&H speed shifter, but i did some resaerch and made some calls and you are right.....Ill admit when im wrong. The speedy shifter is the one that disengages the clutch too, for racing. I have the B&H model with complete mousetrap AND the adjustment rod that goes to the transmission. i have a friend who has a complete speedy shifter. Anwyays.....I love you


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