Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Here are two panheads I built last year. The one with the L carb and the magneto had NOS bates seats and a fully molded frame. It has 4.75" stroker flywheels, flowed heads, and a Sifton 468 cam. It HAULED ASS!! im not talking about just for a panhead either!! fast, dust a new twincam fast. I sold it due to insufficient funds! it went to SPICE in Japan. Ever since I sold it i have wanted to build an an even faster meaner panhead. I dont go for STD heads or any reproduction shit. I use HARLEY frames and HARLEY motors. I am building a fucking MONSTER right now. 59 panhead motor, 4.75 stroke, S&S flywheels, rods and Pistons. a 512 lift S&S cam, im having roller rockers made and putting in larger intake valves. wide open 2" drag pipes. This will be, wihtout a doubt my finest chopper. I cant say it will be my finest bike ive e er built because I restore huge $$$ indians for a living and they are a whole different can of worms. Either way, I dare any of you west coast boys to try and hang wiht my panhead, i bet there wont be a shovel there that will suck me up!!! BF3, im going to try my best to be there and ill be burning tires with a 60 year old motor.

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