Sunday, August 1, 2010


A few months ago I had a 2009 buell 1125CR on ebay. It was a friday night and i was in because I was leaving for "Bang your own sister" Northern vermont to pick up the 50EL. I checked my email and I had some guy on Ebay interested in the buell. He left me his name and number and asked me to call him. I did so and he was an older guy who lived in Vermont. I told him i was heading up there in the morning to go pick up a panhead. He told me to put the buell in the back and that he wopuld take it! It went well and he took it. I met him at this little airport where he had a couple airplanes, a 39EL, couple NICE swingarm panheads, some xr1000s all kinds of unreal shit. this is a picture of one of his xrs.

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