Tuesday, July 13, 2010


This is my dog Zima. I never thought id be a little dog owner, now I have two. Zima is my girl and Id do just about anything to keep her safe. I take her to a pond down the street from my shop swimming as often as I can. I was on lunch and took her there today. i bombed a huge ass stick way the fuck out there and she was swimming out to get it like she always does. For some reason she started having some serious trouble swimming and wasnt making foward progress. She started bobbing and then went totally under, that was all i needed to see there were some people fishing, along with some guys doing construction next door. In a panic i ripped off my shorts and started running. my shorts came off..... along with my boxers!!! I just ran full speed totally nude into the water and swam out to her rescue. then had to walk back naked. pick up my shorts and leave. Zima is just fine now

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