Monday, July 19, 2010

I have a mini Pincher named Zima. It is actually my girlfriends dog but shes been wiht me 23 hours a day 7 days a week for over a year now and she is MINE!. Anyways she has turned from a cuddly wimpy lap dog to a varmints worst nightmare! She gets chipmunks and anything else smaller than her and rips them to shreds. Anwyays, My basement has been getting a little water so i have been leaving the door open with a fan running to keep the moisture out. For the last week or two Zima has been staring at the heating vents ands this hole in the bathroom where the plumbing comes up. She stares all fucking day, shes posessed. i havent heard any scratching or seen and mouse shit so i just assumed she was paranoid. Well, I came home yesterday and she was glued to the fridge barking and tweaking out. I moved the fridge to see what was going on. I heard a commotion, She was MAULING this enormous swamp rat like nobodys business!!! I cant believe this thing was in my house!! she was jumping in the air shaking it back and fourth, blood all over her and the floor. The rat must have weighed a solid 2lbs or more and she weighs 11lbs. think about it!!!!

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