Saturday, July 3, 2010

Breakfast for Dinner.

So i am in Portsmouth Virginia right now for work I took a trip to richmond last saturday 
My brother heath from back home had met a dude named Mike Rennie through some friends on a trip down to north carolina not to long ago Mike works in Richmond a shop named Absolute Art So i decided it would be rad to make the short trip out to richmond to meet mike and see the shop and his bike as well Saturday brought and day of work and before i could leave a quick fix on my rear brake I hopped on the highway a little later than i had expected and blasted up to richmond A block from the shop i busted a flat rear Dialed mike up and he walked down We pushed the bike into a spot and walked up to the shop Mike went and grabbed his truck and picked me up He brought me around town and we gathered a ramp and a wheel ramp and some tools to change my rear My tire was too flat to push up into a truck we didn't have the man power to lift it either So we did a quick tire change in the parking lot

                                                              coming into richmond.

                                                                        Absolute Art.


 the next day we went to Departure Bike Works where a dude named Steve works Steve came down on a sunday and super hooked it up by changing my tube for me on the machine saving us some serious sweat and time After all was said and done Mike and I rode down to the James river to meet Steve and his lady for some swimming

                                 Steve's Panhead.  

                                                           Departure. Mike's Shovel.
to the river.



  Norfolk Sunset.

Mike Thanks for the Tools, Laughs, Brews, Green and good time. Treated me like a friend from the handshake. You did me a super solid homie. Thanks To Steve for hooking it up. Check ya'll next time. 

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